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Classic Dishes

MASALA (mild)

Prepared with special Tandoori sauce, mild with almonds, coconut, sultanas and a touch of fresh cream

 Chicken Tikka Masala  £9.95 ,  Lamb Tikka Masala £10.50

Special Mix Tandoori  Masala£10.50

Prawn Masala £10.50 , King Prawn Masala £12.95

Mix Vegetables or Mushrooms or Paneer Masala £8.95


Cooked with spinach, ginger, garlic & onion and medium spices

 Chicken Tikka Saag £9.95 , Lamb Tikka Saag £10.50

Chicken Saag £9.50 , or Lamb Saag £9.95

Prawn Saag £10.50 , King Prawn Saag £12.95

Mix Vegetables or Mushrooms or Paneer Saag £8.95


Cooked with fresh chillies, onions & green peppers

 Chicken Tikka Jalfrezy £9.95 , Lamb Tikka Jalfrezy £10.50

Chicken Jalfrezy £9.50 , Lamb Jalfrezy £9.95

Prawn Jalfrezy £10.50 , King Prawn Jalfrezy £12.95

Mix Vegetables or Mushrooms or Paneer Jalfrezi £8.95


Cooked with onions, green peppers & mushrooms

 Chicken Tikka Karahi £9.95 , Lamb Tikka Karahi £10.50

Chicken Karahi £9.50 , Lamb Karahi £9.95

Prawn Karahi £10.50 , King Prawn Karahi £12.95

Mix Vegetables or Mushrooms or Paneer Karahi  £8.95


Cooked with an exotic collection of spices & herbs, served in an Indian wok

 Chicken Tikka Balti £9.95 , Lamb Tikka Balti £10.50

Chicken Balti £9.50 , Lamb Balti £9.95

Prawn Balti £10.50 , King Prawn Balti £12.95

Mix Vegetables or Mushrooms or Paneer Balti £8.95


Prepared with pillau rice, almonds & raisins, gently spiced, garnished with tomatoes,

cucumber & served with a vegetable curry

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biriani £10.95

Tandoori Chicken Biriani £10.95

Chicken Biriani £9.95 , Lamb Biriani £10.95

Prawn Biriani £10.95 , King Prawn Biriani £12.95

Special Mix Biriani £11.95

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Food allergies

and intolerances

Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements